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April is the month when the Tulip season will start. When driving around the Dutch country side you will encounter endless fields of Tulips in all kind of colors. Farmers usually plant one color per field. This is why the views are just stunning: Seemingly endless stripes of flowers wherever you go.

Starting in May farmers will cut the heads off the flowers. After the “topping” tulips are left on the fields to wither. This is part of the growing cycle as tulips then divert their energy to the bulbs and then blossom again in the following year.

The most famous tulip spot is the touristy Keukenhof, a one hour drive away from Amsterdam. The Keukenhof is a theme park where tulips are planted in shapes of animals or objects. Bus tours from Amsterdam are offered daily.

Around Amsterdam you will also find many windmills. They are a typical favorite photo motive for tourists. A very popular spot is Zaansche Schans where windmills can be visited and you can learn about how they helped producing goods such as paint or grind wheat. It is part of an open-air museum exhibiting historic craftsmanship.

Did you know…

  • Tulip bulbs caused the first speculative bubble in history – the so called “Tulip Mania”. During the Golden Age tulips were introduced to the Netherlands coming from the Ottoman Empire. Their intense colours were unknown for flowers in the 17th century and became a status symbol for rich people. Contract prices rose immensely. A single tulip bulb was sold for more than ten times the annual income of a skilled worker. In February 1637 the tulip market then dramatically collapsed.

  • Since the early days windmills have also been used for draining the land. Not only because the Netherlands are for a large part of their territory below sea level but also for winning land from the sea and thus in order to extend the amount of agricultural land.

  • May is the sunniest month of the year in Amsterdam with an average of seven hours of sunshine per day. Spring is in full swing. Absolutely recommendable to visit Amsterdam in this month!


THINGS TO DO In Amsterdam

Tailor made tour Tulips & Windmills

Contact us for your personal proposal for a tailor made Tulips & Windmills Tour. We know great sites for taking photos and picking tulips – a unique experience. This special private tour is only available from April 8th to May 8th.

Tulip Picking: Create your own bouquet

A really unique place is Annemieke´s picking garden where it is all about flowers. In April you can pick your own tulips and create your own bunch. The activity is included in our tailor-made private tour Tulips & Windmills.