New Year in Amsterdam – Top 3 spots for Fireworks

New Year´s Eve 2018 in Amsterdam marks a very special day. It will be the last time that residents are allowed to hold private fireworks. Earlier that year the city council decided to abolish fireworks due to the many incidents that occur every year. For example, every year a historic house burned down or many people got severe injuries due to a lot of illegal fireworks.

Where to see the fireworks

However, public fireworks will increase in the future. For those already looking for ideal spots, here are some recommendations where to spend New Year´s Eve when visiting the Dutch capital:

  • Dam Square – the main square in the city center of Amsterdam, just in front of the Royal Palace, usually gets very busy during New Year´s Eve. Thus, go there rather early and pick your spot.
  • Westerkerk – Close to the famous church by the Prinsengracht, next to the Anne Frank House, there will be a thirty minutes fireworks show. It has been a tradition for many years. Also this one is quite popular. So be on time.
  • Magere Brug – A romantic spot to see the fireworks is the Skinny Bridge over the river Amstel. From here you have a great open perspective and a very special ambient with the cozy illumination of the surroundings.

What to do in Amsterdam around New Year?

The Amsterdam Feeling is offering their signature tour “Explore hidden streets” all around the year. Especially in winter time with an early sun set you will experience coziness while strolling through the narrow streets away from the mass tourism. Against the cold we will either do a stop in a little café or in a centuries old tasting room. Click here for more information on this Amsterdam activity.

A boat trip on the canal especially in winter time is magnificent. There are some operators that offer canal cruises with wine and cheese onboard. During evening hours this will help you catching the perfect Amsterdam feeling.

A happy and healthy New Year 2019!

Finally, we would like to wish you, your families and beloved ones a great start in the New Year 2019. We also would like to thank our guests that have joined one of our tours in the past year and hope to welcome you during another occasion in the next year – we are planning to roll out a couple of additional tours to let you explore more than the usual. Sign up for our newsletter and stay in touch!

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