Amsterdam Off The Beaten Track

Tourism in Amsterdam has grown significantly during the past 20 years. The city center has undergone a massive change with an increasing amount of additional hotels being established. This had an impact on retail stores as well. More and more stores nowadays only offer convenience food for tourists making it more and more difficult to find the most authentic spots left in the city.

This is why The Amsterdam Feeling has specialized in walking tours and out of town trips away from the mass tourism. We would like you to explore more than the usual and see the city with the eyes of a local. All of our private tours can be tailor made to your requirements and are available in Dutch, English and German language.

By choosing many back alleys you will get the real Amsterdam feeling in a historic environment. While strolling through the maze of little streets we will explain you the history, local legends and show you iconic buildings and courtyards. You will learn about the origins of Amsterdam and the development of the canal belt. We will visit hidden courtyards that were built in the 1650s to house sailor´s widows and elderly people on charity. The first social housing projects in the world! We will tell you stories spanning the centuries from Rembrandt to modern days.

Currently we are working on an architectural walking tour – Gaudí parallels in Amsterdam, where we will draw parallels between Barcelona´s architectural style called Modernisme and the Amsterdam School of the early 20th century. The walking tour will focus on a neighborhood just outside the city center that kept its authenticity and is truly off the beaten path.

What to do in Amsterdam

Check out our signature walking tour “Explore hidden streets with a guide” where we will focus on the Jordaan, a living village inside the city. If you like history brought alive by passionate storytellers then this is your tour! We offer the tour daily in the morning and in the afternoon.

Did you know…

…that the Jordaan next to the canal belt used to be Amsterdam´s working class neighborhood? During the Golden Age of Amsterdam the neighborhood started developing along the small water channels that dewatered the area. It housed the servants of the rich people that lived in the magnificent mansions along the main canals and also was the center of craftsmanship like tanners, skinners and leather makers.

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