Online Experience: Zoom around panoramic Amsterdam

Follow our interactive online experience comfortably from your sofa at home. Ideal for virtual team events, too!

Want to live the Amsterdam feeling? Ready to learn how to experience Amsterdam like a local? Keen to get some insider knowledge about the city and its stories? Then this tour is for you! Using Zoom, you’ll join a small group of fellow travelers from all over the world, just as you would in real life. Great for corporate events, too!

We will take you through a day in Amsterdam using an interactive map, share photos and videos from our own library with you while answering your questions, offering fun facts, stories and good humor along the way.

We will start with a short introduction into the history of Amsterdam before zooming into three special places from the Golden Age of Amsterdam: we will visit the citizen hall where the world lies at our feet, get to know the first social housing project in the world before discovering the most surprising merchant house. Savor the Dutch cuisine and its influences. After lunch it is time to learn about a true hidden gem: an architectural highlight in the style of the Amsterdam School that is not known to many guests when they come to this beautiful city.

We will experience what it means to live by the water and share our personal favorite places with you! After a day full of discoveries, it is finally time to relax! Join us for a drink at the Amsterdam beach and enjoy the skyline of the city. As a take away we will also provide a map with all the places that we have seen!


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Cancellation policy

Any experience can be canceled and fully refunded within 24 hours of purchase, or at least 7 days before the experience starts.

What to bring

Bring your favourite drink and comfortably lean back on your sofa at home,

How to attend

Upon booking we will send you the instructions and the log in for the ZOOM session on that particular day and time that you have chosen. 

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